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Since 1991 Debbi Fuller has been helping people regain their confidence through custom vacuum-fit full scalp prothesis from Freedom Hair of New Zealand.

Hair loss should not prevent you from living life to the fullest

Along with top quality hair, Freedom Hair applies cutting edge technology into the design and construction of their vacuum caps. In addition to being completely comfortable and secure in any strength of wind, on rollercoasters, swimming and any other activity you can think of, the vapour permeable silicone is able to pass water vapour through the cap, leaving you dry and comfortable throughout the day.


Debbi Fuller founded Fuller Hair Inc in 1991 after suffering the devastating loss of all her hair to alopecia in 1989. At the time, she was enjoying a rewarding career as a Pan Am flight attendant and was horrified by the thought that she would never again be 'normal'. She found a way to live her life more fully with a custom vacuum-fit full scalp prosthesis from Freedom Hair of NZ.

It's not a 'wig' it is a virgin hair prosthesis that replaces your own missing hair with an easy to wear undetectable, virgin European hair prosthetic that suctions easily to your own scalp. Debbi lives a very active lifestyle thanks to this amazing solution for men, women and children suffering from alopecia or other types of long-term extreme hair loss.


As Debbi herself says, "From my struggle to regain my confidence and self-esteem comes my commitment to helping you resolve your hair loss problem". I've been there", says Debbi, "so I know I can help you swim, romance and play sports comfortably and in confidence.

To learn more about Fuller Hair, and custom or vacuum hair prosthesis, contact Debbi Fuller.


If you have an NZ vacuum from Peggy Knight with NZ inside the cap, they are no longer affiliated with Freedom Wigs (their vacuum manufacturer) as of December 31st 2011 and are unable to repair or service your vacuum but WE CAN. If you need to repair or reorder, we're here to help, please call 800-486-1653.


The Freedom Agents in the U.S. talk about their own experiences with hair loss and how the Freedom Vacuum Hairpiece of New Zealand changed their lives.

View this interesting 5 minute video clip now!


Fuller Hair clients find the Freedom Hair of New Zealand prostheses totally comfortable as well as completely professional. READ MORE



If you're not in my area please check out my travel schedule to see when we will be in your area, then get in touch with me to arrange a one on one consultation. Call if you need me to come to your area. I need about 3 weeks notice if I have to fly to your area. If you live in ME, NH, VT, CT, MA, RI, PA, DE, MD, VA, WV, NC or SC call if you need me to come. If you live in New England, you can visit me in Keene NH or I can arrange a day trip to see you.

Manufacturing Process

We start the process by scanning your head profile into a computer program which creates a 3D look on a computer screen. This data is sent to our factory which creates a perfect wooden mould of your head to re-create your hairline shape, crown and parting. A soft, permeable silicone cap tinted to match your skin colour is fitted to your mould and this exact fit creates the suction effect that withstands the rigours of daily life, even the strongest wind! Click to continue reading

Jen from New York with her new Freedom Hair

Debbi's interview on the Rachael Ray Show

In Debbi's recent appearance on the RR show, she is wearing her 2009 Freedom which she recently had restyled. Doesn't it look great? See how it moves and acts so naturally!.

View the video clip opposite and also enjoy reading about how Debbi discovered she has Irish ancestory

A selection of happy customers from Fuller Hair