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Hi Debbi,

I received my hair today and it's gorgeous! So happy that I now have a comfortable and beautiful wig to wear, especially for Christmas!
Thank you very much for the speedy service! I will check in with you in January!

Hi Debbi,
I am absolutely in love with my new freedom wig! Thank you so much! It's seriously life changing! It makes my day to day life so much easier and it really came in handy last week when we had over 20 mph winds here in Philly!
Thanks again!
Sarah from Philly

Hi Debbi,
I just wanted to thank you for such a gorgeous hairpiece, the color and texture are amazing, dare I say it's even better than the previous one! 
Thank you again

Hi Debbi,
I just want to thank you again, these hair pieces really are incredible and wearing them has given me so much confidence!
Elektra from New Hampshire


Hi Debbi,
Hope all is going well with you! I finally got my new wig cut. I wanted to send you a few pictures. You are welcome to use them any way you like :) I am so happy! This is the best wig yet it seems like! It is so soft and comfortable!
Thanks again!
Best, Nancy

Karen S, Rochester, New York

Dear Debbi, Every time I see your name on an email, I am taken back in time. The compassion and caring you showed for me during my breast cancer/chemo/radiation therapy and the necessity for a wig during this traumatic time will forever make me think so fondly of you and your company. You came to my rescue on a holiday weekend without question; I was so scared and you talked me t through the whole process and made me feel "loved" by a total stranger. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your heartfelt giving thoughts during that period in my life. I am happy to report that it is 18 years later and I am still cancer free!!! My husband stayed with me for a few more years, but it turned out he only stayed with with me out of guilt and didn't want to look like a "bad guy"; but my two sons were always there for me. We have been divorced since 2007, but I am a better woman for my experiences and the caring friends I met along that path in my life. Thank you Debbi!

Courtney, from VA

Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for Debbi Fuller and Freedom Hair. I remember the first night I went out after finally getting it cut properly by Debbi's stylist. After two years of feeling like this disease had ruined my life at 25 years old, I felt like me. It was the best time I've had in years. I danced all night and I am not a dancer... and people have continued to compliment my hair without knowing it's not my real hair. And while it is a phenomenal product, much of my positive experience stems from being able to work with someone like Debbi, who seriously has one of biggest hearts and kindest souls I have ever met. I could rave about her for days. She has played such a positive role in helping me get my confidence back. And she has gone above and beyond from the minute I decided to shave my head and go for it. She's been there for every phone call and every video chat and trust me when I say that there have been ALOT. Even when my first hair dresser nearly ruined it, she was able to help me get it fixed. I just cannot say enough fabulous things about her. And you'll know exactly what I mean once you work with her. She's great about listening and communicating what you want and don't want, but still advising you throughout the process. And she really knows her stuff so you should trust her completely (including on the stylist). I'm going to be lost if Debbi ever retires.!

Thanks Debbi
Courtney's image can be seen on the home page banner on the right

Kelley, from NY

Thank you so much for another beautiful experience deb! I left without hugging you! You are a gem and I am so lucky to have you! See you next time!!!!!

Thanks Debbi

Dede from MA

Hi Debbi, I just wanted to tell you that I just LOVE my Freedom Hair. ( I have yet to have the new one cut, so I am talking about the one I have been wearing for a year now) I am so very grateful that this product is available. I love that the company has been able to listen to what I wanted with each order and that the end result is so terrific. I love how I can add lighter highlights and have it cut just the way I want, using my own stylist. I am so satisfied with this product and just wanted to take the time to thank you for your role in it all. I know that my satisfaction is a result of not only the company, but you listening and then communicating to them what I want. I just wanted to let you know!

Thanks Debbi


Hi Debbi, I can't believe it's been 2 weeks of running around like crazy and I forgot to thank you for this beautiful prosthesis that I'm wearing! I absolutely love it, it fits perfectly and is the perfect color, I couldn't have asked for anything better! My hairdresser, Debbie, was so impressed with it that she is going to recommend it to a couple of her clients. Again, thanks so much for everything, I really appreciate it!

Susan from Canada

Hi Debbi,

I LOVE my hair!! Love the colour, love the awesome length, and love the texture! I had my eyebrows recently tattooed as well…I think my new hair brings them out too!
Have had SO many compliments from my co-workers today…they all love it!
Thanks so much J


Hi Debbi,

Debbi, my new Freedom hair is so comfortable and alive! It has such body and movement. My stylist and I loved it and seriously, could not get over the difference between Follea and Freedom. I will send more pictures as they come so you can keep up with my crazy life! Thank you for everything! I couldn't be more pleased!

Brandie from FL

Hi Debbi,

I received my Freedom hair yesterday & I am over the moon HAPPY. I have had Alopecia for 10 years, have had 3 other custom "vacuum" wigs, none of them compare to what I experienced when I put this on. The fit is AMAZING, I can put my glasses on & they actually sit correctly so I can see. The hairline is wonderful, will not worry about hiding the hairline because it blends so smoothly all around. Now for the hair quality...blew me away. Color was exactly what I wanted. Not so shiny that it looked "wiggy" but a lovely, rich, soft chocolate. The cuticle is intact and smooth, feels great.

Prior to losing my hair I was a very successful hairdresser. Well trained and in demand. I still maintain 2 state licenses. I am an extremely difficult & picky customer to please. I notice things that others do not. That being said I am a Freedom Hair customer for LIFE, I am already starting a savings now to purchase another ASAP. My self confidence is back, anxiety is gone, I feel beautiful. I love this so much & am so thankful that I have named this wig "Debbi" in honor of you.
With so much thanks & sincerity,

Sandy from CT

Hi Debbi,

I enjoyed our conversation this morning and telling you about my hairpieces Ivy (10 years old), Daisy May (5 years old) and Lilly (3 years old). I thought I had gotten Lilly in 2010 but the number in the cap say it was 2009. Wow time sure flies doesn’t it? All three of my pieces are in amazingly good condition considering their ages.

Click to view a slideshow of these 'older' hairpieces

Elise from MA

I love this wig. It is so much more comfortable that my other wig. This one I literally can leave on all day and it is barely noticeable to me. The other one I always wanted to take it off. I also love the color!

Finally—I’m the redhead I was meant to be—LOL

Lori from Canada

I love it! Went back to the hotel and put some mousse in it. I can have some fun with this piece. I still may have it cut a little shorter
eventually but didn't want to go too short at first.. Fantastic color and cut. The stylist is awesome. You are awesome. Will update alopecia world when I get back.

Sitting watching Lauren in the pool. The piece doesn't feel hot in here either.

The best part today was the wind didn't make me flinch outside. The hairpiece went no where.

Soooo incredibly happy! Saving up for my next piece and will come back down to the same stylist because she is a keeper. The next one we will have some fun with the color... Maybe some bright red and blonde and chocolate brown put through it since she is a color specialist. We could have some fun! Feel like the old me is back! I see an addiction to these pieces forming!

Sarah from Canada

When asked how she was liking her new hair after several months, Sarah replied,"I love it! I get SOOO many compliments on it and when I have shared with some people that it is a hair piece, they are astonished! One of my cousin's even thought my hair had grown back! Thanks Debbi!"

K. from NY

Debbi, You are so cute! Thank you so much for this! I feel so blessed to have this option. This has made such a difference in my life. You are the best! I can't wait to try it curly!! Now I feel like a pro when I order my hair. I know now to ask for thicker density on the bottom. I'm thrilled and I can't wait to shower and put it on. K.

Kim. from NJ

When asked how she liked her newest one, Kim said, "Debbi, I really like it. I'm already saving for placing my next order! I've tried 1 other soft cap and 1 other hard cap and yours is the best!

Ellen from MA

Hi Debbi, I wanted to recognize how beautiful my new piece is...I'm SOOOO happy with it. The qulityand texture are the best I've ever seen. It's amazing how you continue to surpass my expectations. thank you! Thank you! thank you!

By the way, I wrote a nice peice for the Freedom Wigs contest (talking about how I would never have seen the beautiful colors of my husband and two girls' eyes had it not been for the confidence that Freeom gave me.) I finished by saying that Freedom is the perfect name - as it gave me the freedom to be myself - the freedom to fall in love - and the freedom to life the life I could only dream of.


K. from GA

Hair arrived today...LOVE IT!! I Can almost wear it without styling! So excited. Thanks Debbi and Freedom Hair! I will send a pic after my mom styles it

G. from MA

Dear Mrs. Fuller

I would just like to thank you again for my prosthesis! I absolutely love it! I am still amazed at how great the fit is and how perfect the curl, texture and color are. I could not be any happier with it. Thank you so much for all of your help, kindness and understanding! Warmest Regards.

Elizabeth from DC

WowWowWow! I love my new piece! It fits like an absolute dream and is so much more comfortable and light-weight than I ever imagined! I have had no problems putting it on or securing it and the hair feels so soft and looks so natural. I can't tell you how much this means to me. I spend a ridiculous amount of money on products in an effort to untangle and soften my current pieces to no avail. I was forever on the hunt for the magic product that would help me out and no matter what I did, it was still itchy, unmanageable and easily knotted. NO MORE! This piece is so comfortable and secure. Oh, how I wished I'd heard of you sooner! Repeat customer for life!!!

I truly appreciate you and what you do! I will likely reach out in a few months to order a back up. THANK YOU SO MUCH, DEBBI!

Danielle from CT

Hi Debbi

Thanks for sending over the pictures!! I sent them to my family so they could see the new hair!!

I cannot begin to explain how happy I am that I found you. For the first time since losing my hair I actually feel like I do have hair. I know that my hair looks great, but equally as important I am completely comfortable!! It is such a relief to finally feel comfortable!!! I am constantly looking in every mirror or reflection, instead of ignoring them! Thank you so much. I hope you understand how much you help people gain their confidence back -- it is amazing!!

Please also let Lana know what a wonderful haircut she gave me as well. She is such a sweet person and it is so nice of her to dedicate her time (especially her Saturdays!!) to helping people.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Deb from MA

I love, love, love my new hair! I have to say kudos to this company. Over the last 12 or 14 years of wearing these, every single one has improved over the last. They are always working to improve for those of us who need and so appreciate having these beautiful hairpieces!

Tracey from Canada

Thanks again. I have had so many compliments on my "new hairstyle" as many people do not know it is a wig. I even had a hairdresser tell me how much she loved my style and colour and she was floored when I told her it was a wig. I have my confidence back and have never been happier......By all means, you can use my comments on your website. "Pleased" is only a fraction of how I feel feeling "normal" again and having people comment on how much they like my hairstyle makes me feel beautiful for the first time since losing my hair 11 years ago.

Dede from MA

The styling was AWESOME! This wig is by far the most beautiful one I have ever had. Paul, my stylist, was blown away by the high quality of the hair and the implanting. He said it is just amazing. He is a VERY high end cutter...He has been in the hair replacement business for years. He is aware of you and how hard you worked for my satisfaction. I am totally, 100% happy! Please, if you ever want to use me as a satisfied customer for anyone to contact..please do. I am pretty knowledgable about it all, and am familiar with lots of stuff in the industry. Freedom is really in the forefront in the industry. I will probably order another this spring. Another surprising thing is that it is not any hotter than my other wigs. I know you told me that, but it's true!
Thanks Debbi for everything.

Doris NC

Hi Debbi, I just wanted you to know that I'm loving the vacuum wig I bought from you, and the comfort level is unbelievable. The N.C. heat and humidity doesn't bother me much. I sweat just as much as I did in my net wig, but my hair doesn't get soaked except around the back. Just like normal tressed women except I don't have to wash the hair after every sweaty walk. Although its not showing any wear yet, I think I may go ahead and get a backup wig. Thanks so much for my never falling off, blowing off, pulled by babies off, grabbed by puppy off wig!!!

Leanne (mum)

Freedom Wigs are awesome!!!
We have just recently come back from a two week visit to America where I finally managed to get Samantha onto a Rollercoaster after much persuasion and that it would be ” all my fault if the wig came off. “ Well that was the end of it, I could not keep her off them after that first ride. We did just about every single Roller Coaster in the Los Angeles theme parks.

Six Flags Magic Mountain was the big test with the biggest scariest (and most horrific for mother) roller coasters of them all. Look up the X2 – Extreme, we did them all. Samantha forgot her fear of “maybe the wig will come off,” it didn’t, and she had an awesome time. These were the first roller coasters she had attempted since losing her hair and wearing a wig. It performed superbly.

You guys supply an awesome product.

Leanne (mum)

Nancy from Virginia

Hi Debbi,
The hair arrived! It is sooooo nice! The cap is much different and more grippy. It is really really nice! Thanks so much!!! After I get it colored and cut this weekend I will send you a picture.

Samantha from Ontario Canada

Hi Debbi!
I got my new piece cut yesterday. Holly said of ALL my pieces so far, this is the BEST! So, thank you to you and your supplier !!!!!!!!!!!!!

She went very slowly and carefully and did an amazing job. I'm going back in on Tuesday, since she left the bangs a little long, but wanted to give me a few days to play with them. My guy also LOVES it! He has complimented me several times since coming home with my 'new doo' last night!!!

Thank you again, Debbi. I honestly am so grateful that I found you and your company...it's literally changed my life! ;o)



I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I have had many compliments, and it feels like 'me'. It is comfortable to wear, and I can go out in windy weather without getting paranoid. It really is well named - FREEDOM! Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times!



Susan's new piece being styled for a wedding updo
"I'm SO glad I finally did this! Because no one would ever be able to tell which person has the hairpiece!! This is of me and my sister-in-law getting ready to go out one night.

This piece is awesome!! Lovin' it!!!"

Kelley from NH

Hi Deb, i just needed to tell you that I am now 8 months pregnant and normally I would be feeling so UGLY! Because of you and this hair...I am feeling more beautiful than I ever have! Thank you for this! It has changed my life! :)

Everyday, I look forward to getting ready and the convenience is unbelievable!

Jennifer Schumann

Hey Debbi!

I just got some photo's back from my trip to New York over the holidays and I can't tell you how beautiful I feel! I know the lighting is kind of bad but I didn't know if you wanted to put any on your website.

It's amazing how wearing that maroon dress made my hair seem more red...in reality it looks more like the picture of me in front of the Christmas tree. I'm debating whether or not to dye it to get that original color back, what do you think? Are there any precautions I should be aware of?

As always thanks for your help!

I hope all is well,

Jennifer Schumann
Jennifer Schumann

Susan from Canada

Susan from Canada I’ve attached a pic of my hair! I LOVE it!!!!! Feel free to use any pics you want. Take care, talk to you soon!


MeLissa from Virginia

Hey Debbi
I'd like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I've started getting my self-esteem back again after almost 5 years of not having one and I'm no longer self-conscious about wearing my wig...and people LOVE it! I've gotten so many compliments on the color and style and people off the streets who don't even know me think its real and its just amazing! I'm sending you some photos I had taken with my daughter! I’m even getting back into modeling! I hope you had happy holidays and may god continue to bless you because you are such a wonderful person. Thanks again and I'll be in touch!


I got it! It came in today and it is beautiful!

Thank you so much for your help and getting it to me on time.

I love the new cap, it is so comfy and the new implant of the hair around the face is really cool. Its not overly swoopy but I noticed the difference.

Thanks again for everything!

Ellen M

Hi Debbi,

"I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that I finally got my hair cut! It took a while to get the $ to finally get it cut - and I LOVE it! This piece is BEAUTIFUL and it seems like it fits better with the new all-silicone base.

Anyway, thanks again!

I really can't tell you how happy I am! What a difference!"

Jess from MA

"The new wig is great--the hair is beautiful. I'm sending you photos of me in Paris with the new wig -- it worked out wonderfully!!"

Cori, Canada
Cori, Canada



I just wanted to let you know that I received the prosthetic right on schedule on Friday and went to get it styled Saturday morning. It was kind of funny, I happened to be carrying a plastic bag with a dress to return on my way home and they assumed I was carrying the wig and that this was my real hair. :) If that's not an awesome feeling then I don't know what it! (They were seriously shocked when I told them!)

Thanks again for everything,

Cori, Canada

Just before styling and after styling.

“got my wig and got it cut today! It looks and feels awesome. Here are some before and after pics.”

Cori, Canada
Cori, Canada
Cori, Canada

Lee from NY

Hi Debbi,

I looooove it! I literally took it out of the box, put it on and havent
taken it off since (only to sleep) lol I haven't even colored or styled it
yet! Now, I like the color so much, I may not color it at all..not sure.

Anyways...thanks so much for getting it out to me so fast and I already want to order another one because I love it so much!!

Awesome Hair
Awesome Hair

Mindy, PA

I have had my hairpiece for a few months now and I LOVE IT!!! I almost forget I have it on! My friends say I look like "me" again!

Awesome Hair

Maria Forman

Hi Debbi, I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to write. I've been wearing my new hair now for a little over a month and wanted to let you know how incredibly happy I am! It truly is "freedom hair."

I hadn't realized how uncomfortable and nervous I have been over the past six years of my life. The feeling that my hair would blow off or the self pity I felt because I was unable to do so many things that I once did had become second nature. That is until I met you. I feel like my old self again..only better. My hair looks great. I get complements all the time on how beautiful it is. I've weathered the windiest March in Washington with full confidence that my hair wasn't going anywhere. In fact, I enjoyed the breeze blowing through my hair! I spent a week in Florida swimming, playing tennis and doing Yoga with the same confidence I had before losing all my hair to alopecia. Lana gave me the best haircut ever and I've been able to style it just like she did every time I've washed it.

My whole family has also noticed the difference in the way that I now approach my days. I feel so much more carefree! Weather doesn't stop me from running around with my children at the playground! I've rediscovered snuggling with my husband! I really had no idea how much I wasn't doing until now.

Thank you so much. You've given me my life back only now I look better than ever. I will forever be grateful for your support and wonderful advice throughout this whole experience.

Thanks again Debbi!

Maria Forman
Maria Forman
Maria Forman


Hi Debbi,

I can't put into words how beautiful it is and how much I am loving it. I've had people stop me in the mall, stores, and other places to ask where I get my hair colored and cut. What a wonderful feeling. Hey, you and your hubby have a great holiday and I'll keep in touch about starting payments on another one.

Awesome Hair
Awesome Hair



One great comment was from my seven year old granddaughter. She is quite aware of Alopecia Areata. Her comment was instantaneous. Her face lit up and she said something like, "Oh Grandma, I love your hair. It's so (and at this point she swung her own long hair back and forth); it's like mine!"

Thanks Debbi.

Anne O

The cap and hair color are perfect! Go ahead with the process. Arianna held the hair sample up to her sister Zoe's hair; it was a perfect match! In Arianna's words, "I'll finally be part of the family." I know it sounds silly to an adult, but that quote meant something much different to Arianna.

Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do to help others manage living with alopecia in a healthy way. My entire family looks up to you as a role model!

When the hair piece comes in, I'll send you a CD with the pictures so you can use them on your website, or for other customers

Thank you again!,

Amy, Florida

Debbi, I just got the hair styled today. I LOVE it!! My self esteem just took a flying leap. I may need to be knocked down a peg because I think I am too hot! Just kidding but I do love it. Thanks so much for everything!


"I absolutely love my new prothesis! I finally have my freedom back and I can do any activity I want with my children with no worries. The hair is beautiful and soooo soft! I completely forget that I am even wearing a prothesis! I have had alopecia since I was 14 and can finally stop worrying about whether one of my spots is showing or how I am going to part my hair to cover it up. Debbi was fantastic to work with and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Thank you!

Jill, Pennsylvania

"My new hair gave me my life back"

Sharon, New Hampshire

"I love the way it looks, so natural, just like me!"

I am so happy! I got the new one. Oh it is so nice, I look so different. I loved it. Thank you very much Debbie.

You made a very happy woman, which is me.
Best regards,

Veronica in Florida (FL)

Kim, Massachusetts

"It has been two years since I bought my first piece with you and I can't even begin to tell you what a difference it has made to my life … I can walk, run and SWIM now. I feel 'normal' again … she (Debbi) is a wonderfully caring individual and I clicked with her from the start... but when I finally received my hair piece it was truly beyond my highest expectations."

Debbie, New Hampshire.

"…thanks so much for everything. I feel so much better dealing with you than anyone else. …. For you, this is more than a business; you are in this heart and soul."

Mary from PA

"I developed alopecia about six years ago and was devastated as it happened so quickly and completely! After trying other products and being very self conscious not to mention extremely uncomfortable, I contacted Debbi. She immediately put me at ease with her understanding of my situation. My prosthesis is a dead-on match in color and texture to my own hair and I have since purchased two other pieces. Debbi stays in contact with me and is very prompt to answer any questions I have.I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from hair loss.She and her product have given me back my self confidence. Thanks Debbi !"
Sincerely, Mary from PA

Rachel, Massachussetts

"Your time estimates have been right on. Both in terms of when I'd begin to see wear on the piece I have now and on the order and delivery of the new piece. It's been such a breath of fresh air to do business with you. No hassels, no misrepresentation. Thank You!"

Kathi from NY

"Love the hair!! I'm just happy and feeling sort of like a kid about this. I cleaned my vanity this morning to make a nice home for my new hair and arranged my hair products. How goofy am I? I couldn't be happier, I'll be contacting you soon to order another one. This is too much fun!"

Amy from FL

"We went on a cruise to the Bahamas and it was the most wonderful vacation I've ever taken, I felt so comfortable with my new hair! The honeymoon was great!"

Bethany Lovering, NH

"My experience with Debbi was truly life changing for me. After having a negative experience with another custom hair piece company, I was very nervous about my consultation with Debbi. However, after meeting her and seeing her product, it was like breathing a sigh of relief. I made my decision to go ahead with the fitting and I walked away from the experience knowing that I was going to get a quality product that would help me get back to the normal things in my life. When the piece came in, I was blown away by the look and feel of having a full head of hair. Her stylist works specifically with full cranial prosthetics, so I knew I was going to walk away with a stylish hair cut! Even though nothing will replace my full head of hair, Debbi's product and the way she deals with her customers puts me at ease knowing that I am going to walk away with the next best thing and have a comforting experience doing so!"